Window Cleaning


(When was the last time you had your windows cleaned or gutters emptied?)


Let me introduce myself. I'm Steve and I offer an affordable solution to all your home cleaning and maintenance needs. Everything from Gutter Cleaning & Repairs to Traditional & Pure Water Window Cleaning. The services that I offer are Professional, Reliable and above all Affordable and allow you to look after your home at the same time as avoiding the major costs that can be incured by water damage and neglect. 



We can offer you a Reliable, Professional and Affordable Window Cleaning Service to make those windows sparkle. We offer both Traditional and the more modern Pure WaterFed Pole Window Cleaning methods so that you can choose the right solution for your windows. 



This is where we use a special applicator to apply a cleaning solution to your windows before removing the solution along with all of the dirt that has accumulated on the glass with a squeegee. This is great for low level windows but is not ideal for higher window or roof windows.



This is the modern method for cleaning windows. Using a Reach & Wash Extending Waterfed Brush the windows can be cleaned at almost any height safely from the ground thus eliminating the need for ladders. Pure water is specially treated Deionised Water that will attract the dirt away from your windows and leave them streak free.


Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, after waterfed pole the windows are left wet. By leaving them to dry naturally, it stops the introduction of contaminates, thus leaving them sparkling clean! And the frames come up sparkling too!


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